ceturtdiena, 2008. gada 11. decembris

Blacklight Power Charging Up - Energy From Water Is Coming

Lightnings {{es|Tormenta eléctrica.Image via WikipediaBlacklight Power Inc, the controversial "water energy" company, has just signed it's first commercial license agreement. Blacklight Power has licensed Estacado Energy Services, a New Mexico company to use the so-called "Blacklight Process" and other mysterious technology to produce electricity and thermal power. This non-exclusive agreement allows Estacado to produce up to 250 MW of thermal energy (continuous output), or convert this heat to electrical energy.

Even as the deal was signed, the basic feasibility of the proposed technology was still being debated by numerous skeptics. This is unsurprising, as Blacklight Power has claimed to possess the secret for extracting cheap and environmentally clean energy from water.

This hypothetical "hydrino energy" has been routinely dismissed by most physicists as violating the laws of nature. Nevertheless, BPL has continued development and this recent deal with Estacado seems to indicate the Blacklight energy claims are gaining acceptance - perhaps not in the academic circles, but in the commercial sector.

Of course, the only thing that matters in the end is "but does it work?" If Blacklight Power manages to build something commercially viable that can extract energy from water in a novel way, the laws of physics will be rewritten. After all, those "laws" are only the representation of our current understanding of the Universe, which is anything but complete. If the Blacklight Power plan works, well, then more power to them!

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